Fitness and healthy eating are essential components of any athlete’s training regime.

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NOTE: I am not a doctor or nutritionist or medical professional.

I love to have fun. I work hard and play hard (surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, equestrian, swimming, rallycross).

My mom once said I had a death wish, as a kid watching me do backflips off a floating dock coming inches from hitting my head but not, riding my horse over stone walls – bareback no helmet, no saddle. And countless other heart attacking inducing stunts for mums to watch their kids do.

I don’t have a death wish. My addiction is adrenaline.

My grandma always said Health is Wealth. She lived to be one hundred and a half years old. She had all of her teeth except one. She would floss in the evenings while watching television. She walked four miles every morning before breakfast and she was always upbeat and positive. My goal is to be like my grandmother. I may live paycheck to paycheck right now, but my blood pressure is 114/70 and I don’t wear glasses or have any serious medical issues. I’m a few pounds overweight, but I’m working on that.